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Teakha 茶家 – the mini utopian spot in hong kong

The number of independent cafes in Hong Kong is a lot less than that in Montreal and most of them are located in Sheung Wan. Sheung Wan is actually quite far from my home but this doesn’t stop me from crossing over the harbour (we have tunnels in Hong Kong to cross over the island) […]

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one night in tokyo

Right after I was done with my exams in Montreal, I took my flight back to Hong Kong (Montreal-> New Wark (MASSIVE DELAY) -> Tokyo -> Hong Kong) and the delay took me 44 hours to get back …. On the bright side, I stayed in Tokyo for 1 night and I bought as much […]

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in a nutshell.

Pretty much summed up my life during the past few weeks here. Finals are coming in less than 3 weeks and I’m overwhelmed with all the papers (when I mean all I mean SIX) that I have to write before that. So next time when you see me here, I’ll probably be blogging in Hong […]

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solo kayaking day

I’m finally done with all my midterms! Can’t believe I survived and so it’s the perfect timing to start getting active here again. There are around 2 more months before I go home for Christmas so I thought it would be nice to put some photos up here to satisfy my nostalgia for Hong Kong. […]

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deal with it.

(sold out Tee from PrettyJunk… why did I come upon you so late?) Let the 2 weeks of midterms nightmare begin. The List of Post-Midterms: 1. HALLOWEEN. Have I mentioned that it’s going to be my first time dressing up for this festival? 2. FEAST. stay tuned for a whole bunch of restaurants/food reviews 3. […]

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Why Tea is Magical: The List.

Photo source: unclear (but probably tumblr/flickr), I got this from my childhood friend Rebecca :) When some people in the States are going nuts because of the Pumpkin Spice Latte Crisis , I think we should just wrap ourselves with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the rest of fall (I’ve been hearing the […]

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Marché 27

Craving for sashimi when you are in Montreal is like a torture. With a student budget and a rather picky palate (inherited from my food-centric family), I find the choices of good, affordable sushi places very limited. And just when I was craving for some glistening salmon and tuna, when I was thinking “Oh well, […]

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let them drink tea

I’m a huge coffee snob. But the sad thing is, the magical after-effect of caffeine just never really works on me (70% of the time I can still doze off when I’m studying, AFTER I CHUG A WHOLE CUP OF COFFEE). So recently, I turned to another alternative – TEA. I was pretty tea-centric for […]

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The Confessions of a Traveling Foodie: Between Hong Kong & Montreal

I’m in love. Yes, the kind of love that you always hear people falling head-over-heels to, but instead of falling for a person, I’m in love with two cities. And here’s the problem: I don’t know which one I love more, Hong Kong or Montreal. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Yours Truly has started […]

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street fest, blazing sun and st. laurent

“It’s the Day and the Night.” – St. Laurent Street Festival This is one of the reasons why I love summer in Montreal. There are always something going on in the city: street festival, where you can get cheap food to kill your cravings and clothes for stocking up your wardrobe just in time for […]

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