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the cookieboy

I’m never a big fan of anything that has icing on it. But these cookies look so adorable! This amazing cookie boy is from Japan and he accepts orders for birthday, anniversary, wedding and all sorts of party. The designs can be adapted to the customers’ needs for an original creation! The cookies are packaged […]

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hooked on guacamole poutine and drowned with goodbyes

The best: Guacamole poutine & onion rings. I broke my own record for having poutine at 2:40 am!!!!! With semi formal coming up this Saturday, having late night snacks is basically a disaster so I have to work all those calories off in the gym before the big day. And credits to Brian the Best […]

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You know it’s time for some ramen when you half-failed a scheduled restaurant review….

You know it’s time for some ramen when you half failed a scheduled restaurant review… Here’s the full story: Last Friday I went to do a Montreal Restaurant Club restaurant review with Terry and we ended up being starved by the time we left the restaurant (I’m not going to name it here….. or do […]

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Travelin’ On – Norah Jones

My all time favourite Norah Jones will be coming to Montreal in early July and I WON’T BE THERE. Now I understand why my BFF Jaye gets frustrated when he misses his favourite band’s concert every time when he leaves Saskatoon for Hong Kong in summer. Anyway, Norah Jones just released another new song from […]

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strawberry forever

This is the other version of the birthday cake/pie/whatever-it-is that I made for Jurichan’s 21st birthday. I ended up having extra stuff so I used the rest and make it into another pie. The top part of the pie was supposed to be meringue but unfortunately I wasn’t skilled enough to make it….. The original […]

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“Do they put meat on pizza?”

Sometimes my roomie Alima just amazes me. Last week we were making lunch at home and she asked me: Ashley….do they put meat on pizza? By the way, this is the best homestyle pizza ever and it’s really easy to make. mozzarella, mushroom, red onions, oregano, anchovies… This Afkistan bread is the soul. a.

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Food Diary: Week 1

Garlic bagel from Fairmount Bagel Eclair Opera Still being a very sick chubster, a.

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missing home and the hugs Sunday morning sunshine. from katies on 8tracks. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m feeling incredibly homesick at the moment. I want my mum’s comfort food, hot lemon and ginger coke (they’re the magic trick to my blocked nose) and a couple of hugs from my parents, so I would feel better from my […]

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If you liked it, you should have put a ring on it : Samantha Wills Collection

When it’s said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I would say rings are my ultimate BFF. I’ve set my eyes on Samantha Wills’ collection for a while because of the beautifully designed jewelry pieces. The Aussie fashion jewelry designer started her business in Sydney and she’s based in both Sydney and New York. […]

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The adventure of licking food off my fingers at Nil Bleu

As I’ve promised from an earlier post, here’s the complete review for Nil Bleu! There are few restaurants that specialize in Ethiopian cuisine in Montreal and the MRC team just did a review at the award-winning Nil Bleu. Ethiopian cuisine requires eating with bare hands and it’s a uniquely fun eating experience. You get to […]

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