my little siamese brat

Freddie chilling like a boss in the kitchen as usual – Reading Week 2012

Introducing: Freddie Yue. My baby Siamese who just turned 1 year old in mid January

I had always wanted to have my own pet but definitely not turtles or goldfish again since they never had any luck surviving at my household. I never really had the chance to get a pet but last summer when I was taking beginner’s French for summer school, our professor was asking whether we had any pets at home (that class’s theme was on animals). One of our classmates said that he had at least several dogs and cats at his place and everyone was curious about how he managed to get that many little animals at his place. It turned out that he was a part of the SPCA fostering program and his roommie and he decided to adopt a pet as well. So basically his place just became a little loving shelters for the abandoned animals.

After the class was finished, I just couldn’t get rid of the thought of going to SPCA to get my own pet. Everything just happened so fast, I basically went all the way to the Jean Talon station (where the SPCA center is) and then I was debating whether I should get a kitten or a rabbit.There was this absolutely adorable Dutch rabbit called Alice. Her perfect fur and really friendly personality made me want to take her back home immediately. There was also this really cute kitten who was so playful that everything she did just make my heart melt. I couldn’t make a decision on whether I want Alice or the little kitten so I decided to go home to consider my options more thoroughly. With my second arrival to SPCA, my friend Lu Wan tagged along with me and we were at the cats shelter area. Lu Wan spotted a Siamese mix at the bottom row among all the cages. He just stood out among all his peers with his pure light blue eyes and his creamy light khaki fur. Within 5 minutes, we arranged a playroom section with this little Siamese to see if we get along. Turned out that he was very affectionate and loved being around with people. At that moment I knew I wouldn’t let go of him and within less than two hours I signed all the papers and brought him home with me. I named him Freddie after one of my favourite characters from the British drama Skins.

I didn’t ask for my parents’ permission to adopt a kitten nor did I tell them for a while after my adoption of Freddie. Around a week later when I was skyping with my dad, I just couldn’t resist not showing him Freddie. So I was holding Freddie in front of the camera and first response from dad was “Omg this kitten is so cute!!!!!” then he started to think more clearly and asked me “Who owns that kitty?”. I was surprised that he didn’t make a connection between Freddie and me. Then Mum came along onto the screen and she basically fell in love with Freddie. They wouldn’t stop commenting on his cuteness and clear blue eyes. Obviously my parents weren’t so happy that I adopted a pet without asking them first, so my mum gave me a good old lecture on “Asking Parents For Important Decisions” the next day. Now they’re chill with it and my mum just can’t wait for Freddie to come live with us back in Hong Kong once I graduate.

Freddie definitely isn’t your typical cat. His personality is actually more like a dog. Sometime when I get out of my room in the morning, he will be lying on the ground with his paws up in the air and rolling around like a puppy. We have a chinese saying that a pet is like its own master, which I do agree since Freddie just LOVES food. Like me. Whenever he hears a bag opening sound, he will just come around me and assume he will be having a treat or something. The most annoying thing that he does is that he goes through the rubbish bin in the kitchen. He just takes advantage of it when the bin is almost full so he can flip the lid open and go through whatever “gem” that he finds interesting. I don’t know why but he never learned his mistake back in last summer. He was staying at my friend Lynn’s place when I was back in Hong Kong and Lynn told me that Freddie had diarrhea for a couple of days since he wouldn’t stop going through the leftovers/ food in the bin. Maybe I should put some wasabi on the rubbish bin next time so he can learn his lesson.

Whenever Freddie meows, he doesn’t sound like a cat at all. He sounds more like a human baby trying to get your attention. He is very needy and he needs more than a handful of kisses and hugs each day. However, he just pretends he doesn’t like the affections if I’m the one who starts trying to get his attention. (Pfffttttttt………..) Did I mention that he’s very smart as well? He’s a master at jumping here and there. Before I put a huge box on the top of my fridge, he would jump onto the sink, then the fridge and finally on the top of the kitchen cabinets. He was so good at opening the cabinet and pull out my food there. When I came home, there would be a mess on the floor waiting for me. He also loves collecting stuff and sometimes I’ll just find a piece of string / his toy / his food in his water bowl.

The most recent funny thing is that my roomie Iris told me once she woke up in the middle of the night and her chest was feeling so tight and heavy. Then she opened her eyes and guess what?

Freddie’s face staring at her with his big blue eyes!

She totally freaked out (who wouldn’t anyway?) and threw him onto the side of her bed. The only thing that she didn’t tell me was that after that she had a nightmare of Freddie charging into her room and her room became chaotic (Credits to my Indian roomie Alima). Oh Freddie you just never cease to amaze us do you?

You had me with your blue eyes.



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2 Comments on “my little siamese brat”

  1. Meow
    March 27, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    Did the SPCA require a donation of any sort? And did they do a background check before they gave the animal to you?

    I am thinking of adopting a cat over the summer and am not sure how much I have to invest to adopt one :)


    • March 27, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

      you need to pay an adoption fee for the cat, depending on the cat’s age. When I adopted freddie he was still a kitten so I paid 175 CAD. This include a 30 day health guarantee (when the cat gets sick you can bring it back to SPCA to see the vet for 10 CAD within 30 days of adoption) + neutering surgery fee.
      They will ask you to fill out a questionnaire to see if you have the ability to take care of the cat good enough.
      Hope this helps! Let me know if you do adopt a cat from SPCA! :)
      All the best,

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