You know it’s time for some ramen when you half-failed a scheduled restaurant review….

You know it’s time for some ramen when you half failed a scheduled restaurant review… Here’s the full story:

Last Friday I went to do a Montreal Restaurant Club restaurant review with Terry and we ended up being starved by the time we left the restaurant (I’m not going to name it here….. or do you want me to?). How it works with our club is that we call up the restaurant, ask if they’re interested in having us to promote their place by taking some photos and trying their food, so we can feature a complete review with photos on our website. Usually the managers are more than happy to hear from us and we schedule a few restaurants for our team to feature each week. However, things didn’t turn out as well as we would have thought. I should have known better when the young, blonde manager came to meet us in a shirt, jeans and …….. converse in this very high-end Italian restaurant. He gave us a full tour of his restaurant and by the middle of it I realized he wasn’t going to serve us any food. So we politely asked if it was possible for him to let us try a few samples. He said he would check with the kitchen to see if there’s any food (really?). We passed by a chef on the way and the chef was more than happy to serve us and said food would be ready in less than 5 mins.

So we waited a bit more and then the manager told us: “I’m really sorry but we don’t have any food in the kitchen except salad.” He was definitely bullshitting us since there were already customers in the restaurant (it was lunch time). The chef actually brought out a pizza for us when we passed by the counter at the entrance…. we told him we were leaving since the manager said there was “no food” and the chef gave us this unbelievable-shocking/surprising look.

So we left with our growling tummy and utter disappointment….. Terry and I decided we should treat ourselves to a decent meal somewhere else despite the very not promising restaurant review. There was no way for us to feature this restaurant with just photos of different dining rooms/ lounge and I just can’t write anything about it since there was ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD. Apparently there might be another review arranged for this restaurant, but I’m not sure whether I would like to go back based on the service we received for the first time.

In the end, we went to Imadake at Atwater. We both ordered extra pork belly ramen with miso soup. The soup base is a bit salty for me.
There are a wide selection of dishes that I would love to try, so I’ll definitely visit again sometime for dinner with a group of friends!

Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with mochi and mashed edamame. The edamame is mashed with a wooden press and it’s mixed with sugar.

Terry with his always-happy face :) This is what I love about doing Montreal Restaurant Club reviews. You get to meet different people and share different stories with each other!

4006 St-Catherine West
Montreal, QC
514 931 8833


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