hooked on guacamole poutine and drowned with goodbyes

The best: Guacamole poutine & onion rings. I broke my own record for having poutine at 2:40 am!!!!! With semi formal coming up this Saturday, having late night snacks is basically a disaster so I have to work all those calories off in the gym before the big day. And credits to Brian the Best (you won this time) for driving me all the way to La Banquise. And yes, you should believe me every time when I order food. The onion rings were definitely a good call even though I found them a bit too fried. For the guacamole poutine, it’s not as heavy as the other poutines since there’s basically NO MEAT. I’m fooling myself anyway because it’s still as unhealthy. But I’m HOOKED.

And to my dearest readers:
Sorry for the lack of posts this week! It has been hectic recently (I was in Toronto to watch Jeremy Lin’s game) and I feel like I’ve been riding on a roller coaster ride for the last couple of days. My mind is overloaded with all sorts of things right now, especially I have to say goodbyes to some of the important people in my life.

Some goodbyes are inevitable and some are just way too early. Last night my friend Claire told me that she’s going back to China next Monday and she’s leaving McGill for good. I’ll miss you Claire B. I know you treasure your books like your life so thanks for leaving them with me! I’ll take good care of them. Some day we’ll be doing our Games of Thrones and Misfits marathon again. I wish you all the best with your fresh start back in your motherland. I’ll come visit you and we’ll be nibbling macaroons off our fingers with a book on our other hand. Don’t forget about me. I love you x

La Banquise
994, Rue Rachel Est
Montréal, QC H2J 2J3
(514) 525-2415


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