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The Classic French: Audrey Tautou by Shayne Laverdière for Marie Claire Russia

Shayne Laverdière captures the lovely Audrey Tautou in a 1950’s Audrey Heburn-esque mystique in the April issue of Marie Claire Russia. Ms. Tautou is styled by Lotta Volkova with a very Parisian, vintage collection of gowns, skirts, hats and lady gloves. The hairdos are done by Madelaine Cofano, while the classic makeup is perfected by […]

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A Floral Paradise: Annabella Barber by Jaclyn Adams for Plaza Kvinna

Through Jaclyn Adams’ lens, Annabella Barber enters into a floral paradise where flowers are blooming. Under the breezy sunlight, Annabella wanders in this secret garden and emit the charisma as its rightful mistress. Which also reminds me of a sonnet by Shakespeare: From you have I been absent in the spring, When proud-pied April, dress’d […]

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iced mocha x mymy caffè

This iced mocha is the best remedy after a long walk under the sun in Central/Sheung Wan. Mymy Caffè is a mini expresso shop which can fit only 2 customers at a time. I find the tiny space really cozy and homey as the owners Connie and Josephine spend time chatting with their customers while […]

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the food hunter

My full time job this summer: food hunting/ writing book reviews for a project/ reading / summer school / more writing. Since I’m going off to Peking University for summer school in early July, I’ll have no more than two months left in Hong Kong. This is going to be the perfect time for me […]

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dim sum & coming across a no-lady

One of my favourite things to do back home is to go out for dim sum with mama yue on early mornings. However, from time to time the waiter at the Cha Lou (how we call dim sum place in Cantonese) will make you share a table with some random strangers. Most of the time […]

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Beef & Corn Stone-pot Rice

It’s already my 4th day back in Hong Kong and my jetlag has never been this worse. I tend to wake up at 6 in the morning and I’ll crawl myself out of bed and begins a day with…. good food and books. Not that I’m complaining but my body is just so exhausted all […]

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All the good old times

Even though my summer has barely started, I’m already super excited about everything because a lot of my friends are coming to visit Hong Kong and I get to bring them around! So yesterday I met up with my friend from McGill and his sister for some good old times Chinese food. Our first stop […]

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good morning sunshine

To all my friends in Montreal: Good morning sunshine! My mum heard me as I was going through the huge bag of Japanese snacks this morning when she was still in bed,  so she got up immediately to make me some nice breakfast. She put some truffle oil into the scrambled egg which was a […]

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home sweet home

red wine beef tendon Credits to mama yue for cooking such yummy food. Tofu with duck egg and ground fried tuna floss mini glutinous rice balls with gui hua (a type of chinese flower) and glutonious rice alcohol a.

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My Japanese Groceries Wish List

from left to right: wild blueberry jam, tomato juice, fried soy doughnut, shrimp soup, pumpkin soup, veggies soup, green tea daifuku, strawberry daifuku, red bean jam buns, egg tofu, matcha saclet, salmon roe I’ve been trying to overcome my post-hightlighting-hair trauma for the past few hours and according to a friend of mine, my hair […]

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