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The Boy – Kang Min Kyung For Singles Korea June 2012

In navy blue velvet blazer, white shirt, black leather shoes… Kang Min Kyung looking badass yet classy in her signature boyish haircut in the June issue of Singles Korea. Speaking of Korea, I’m leaving for Seoul in 2 days! Can’t wait for the spicy food, gorgeous accessories and all sorts of goodies. I’ll be updating my […]

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Brunch, BFF and infinity

Weekend Brunch with my BFF and counting our days left in Hong Kong together. I think summer will always be my favourite time during the year, even though it always comes and goes too fast. Summer: meeting new people, sunshine all the time (I have enough doses of snowfall and winter back in Montreal), traveling, […]

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just wandering around

One of the things that I love about wandering around is that you never know what you can find as you walk along the road. Wandering around doesn’t involve any destination and because of walking in such an aimless way, you keep getting constant surprises, discovering new and interesting places that you have never been […]

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a foodie field trip

“A human being is primarily a bag for putting food into.” – George Owell. Indeed, Terence, Rebecca and I decided to turn ourselves into some huge bags by  going on the ultimate foodie field trip on the Yuen’s siblings last day in Hong Kong. This was our schedule: late lunch at 2pm, all you can […]

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the food/fashion mash-up: miss moss x bon appetit

I swooned at the sight of Miss Moss’s Food/Fashion mash-up with Bon Appetite, matching colourful outfits with food is such a brilliant idea. I would love to dress in that bright red skirt like strawberry and cream! via Miss Moss a.

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