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Beijing 5. the sunshine after the storm

Experienced the heaviest rain in 61 years in Beijing just 3 days ago and guess where I was on that Saturday morning: the Great Wall of China. It just wouldn’t stop raining but at least it wasn’t flooded there, unlike all the other areas in Beijing (including Peking University campus). The Saturday morning when I […]

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Beijing 4. Still on the road being spoiled… with food

To start a good weekend: having hot pot at Dong Lai Shun (東來順), Peking Duck and Ba Si Apples (拔絲蘋果, I’ve been babbling about it non-stop since I got to Beijing and trying to convince everyone that it’s one of the best desserts in the world) at Da Dong (大董), Xi Dan (西單) snacks street. […]

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oh summer, summer

so here we are, half way through our summer program! a.

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Beijing 3. the pure gold on the street

Golden glazed lambs on sticks, fried small and big scorpions, centipede, grasshoppers … Beijing is probably the only place where you can find such special and weird things. I’ve been to the snack streets at Wang Fu Jing once and the food hasn’t changed since my last visit back in winter in Beijing. It’s those […]

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Beijing 2. temple of heaven & the endless walk in summer palace

With the crew at the Temple of Heaven. It’s terribly hot in Beijing but at least it’s not as humid as it is in Hong Kong. I’ve been going out a lot lately and being under the sun constantly has got me a bit tanned. Hopefully the amount of walking that I’ve done so far […]

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Beijing 1. the bookworms and munchies

It was one of those days when I wanted to get out of the neighbourhood, so I looked up for a good place to go to in Beijing on Lonely Planet. That’s how I found this magical place called The Bookworm, which is a library/bookshop/bar/restaurant/event space (for book talks, readings, debates, pub quiz etc). Upon […]

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Travel Catalog: Day 4-6 in Seoul

Another picture diary time. I’m so ashamed of myself that I didn’t visit a single cafe (those franchised ones don’t count…..) / traditional Korean tea house when I was in Seoul, which was very unlike myself since I’ve always been a coffee person. I had even pictured myself in the little, cozy cafes and tea […]

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the hottest summer, salty crepe & green bean slushies

Here’s the live reporting straight from Beijing! I’m currently doing summer school in Peking University with students from different universities around the world. This summer is the hottest one that I’ve ever had and when I walk under the sun I feel like either I’m on fire/sweating so much that I’m almost melted. So my […]

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Travel catalog: Day 2-4 in Seoul

To be honest, I didn’t get to enjoy street vendors food that much during my stay in Korea. One of the reasons was that I was still sick (the bad flu just wouldn’t go away) and having a bad stomach all the time. It was such a shame since I adore all kinds of street […]

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Travel catalog: Day 2 in Seoul

It’s been a hectic week lately. I just got back from Seoul a few days ago and now here I am in Beijing! As promised, here are some photos from the second day of my stay in Korea. There was nothing much going on on that day since I was pretty sick and tired but […]

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