Beijing 4. Still on the road being spoiled… with food

To start a good weekend: having hot pot at Dong Lai Shun (東來順), Peking Duck and Ba Si Apples (拔絲蘋果, I’ve been babbling about it non-stop since I got to Beijing and trying to convince everyone that it’s one of the best desserts in the world) at Da Dong (大董), Xi Dan (西單) snacks street. Then start the week with going back to Da Dong again. I was spoiled from head to toe for the entire week indeed.

A huge smile during the middle of the meal and we didn’t have a single clue that we would be dragging ourselves out of the restaurant by the end of the night.
Noodles in Beijing never disappoint (this is zha jiang noodles in the picture above). I seriously doubt whether I’ll be ever satisfied with the ones back in Hong Kong from now on.

JUST LOOK AT THIS THIS IS MY FAVOURITE DESSERT IN THE WORLD 拔絲蘋果. THIS IS SO GOOD EVERYONE HAS TO TRY THIS. (You can’t really doubt it when it’s the champion of the dessert competition in 1998). A must try for all sweet tooth. I forced our 99% stoked stomachs to finish the impossible task: finish at least 2/3 of the plate. And so we did.

Big Toms Small Toms part 2. Metro (those french terms in Montreal are rubbing off on me) in Beijing is probably the worst transportation I’ve ever taken. Some might think the tuktuks in Cambodia are bloody awful but I would rather be riding on it with the driver recklessly speeding through the spider web of cars, instead of being violently pushed by middle aged men, women, children 24/7, suffocating by sweaty body odors and makingtransits to the other lines for an infinite time. Metros in Hong Kong and Montreal are like blessings in comparison to the Beijing one.

Another day with Alex W at Xi Dan snacks street after a 3-hour shopping spree. Sorry for the confusion but there are just too many Alex in my social circle this summer…..

His favourite Beijing snack.

Thanks for visiting Beijing :) It’s been a great time!

Back at Da Dong again with the crew.

Some soupy thing that my friend had. I believe they put egg strands in it.

Bitter melon with salty black beans. Sadly no one really liked to eat raw bitter melon…. I’m the weird one among everyone in the crew.

Fried Wa Wa Veggies (娃娃菜)

The Hamster was too amazed at ….


The waitress made a brief, semi-melodramatic introduction of the dish, but we had absolutely no idea what she was talking about because of her heavy Beijing accent/ super fast-speeding talk. In the end, it did’t really matter. This Snow on Winter Road (okay I totally just named that up but I swear the real dish name is somewhat similar to this) was one mouthwatering, keep-making-you-want-more kind of sweet pork ribs.

The plum sauce made the ribs stand out even more than usual. Other ingredients include sugar and vinegar.
Panfried Eggplant.

Liquor soaked crab. How do you eat it? Take a pair of chopsticks, dig it into the crab, get out those ohh yummmms transparent and orangey part and put it on that little piece of cracker.

The Peking Roasted Duck’s best friend: sweet sauce, cucumbers, sour/salty seasonings , sugar (my favourite), garlic, Jing onion (京蔥)

The skills of slicing the duck into thin golden flakes.


One does not simply eat Peking Roasted Duck. The procedure is as follows: Put the thin piece of bread on the plate, dip your golden flakes into sweet sauce and sugar, then put threads of cucumber and onions on top. Then wrap the bread tightly and take a HUGE BITE OF IT. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.


Sugar boiling in process.

These golden apples love sticking to each other. So before it’s served the waiter usually helps you to Ba (拔) it, as in getting each piece out of the piles of crystalised apples and dipping it into iced water by using chopsticks.

Where the Peking roasted duck are born. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

東來順 Dong Lai Shun Hot Pot
5/F, APM Mall, 138 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District

大董 Da Dong
5/F, Jinbao Dasha, Jinbao Jie, Dongcheng District

Xi Dan Snacks Street
Right next to the 新一代 Mall (New Generation Mall)



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