the no.8 list

Just a little list that I came up with last night.

1. Very effed up sleeping schedule, and my appetite almost doesn’t exist anymore.

So I made myself 2 packs of migoreng noodles yesterday, and after mixing all those little packaged garlic/so-much-MSG-that-you-can-die powder/ sweet soy sauce/ more oil perfectly together, I took a few mouthful of the nostalgic noodles (Oh hey LPC day room old times) and I stared into my bowl and thought:

Oh god. I don’t even have an appetite for migoreng. What on earth is happening to me ????????


(for anyone who doesn’t know what migoreng noodles are, you’ve been missing out big times. Migoreng is heavenly and deadly at the same time, for having such good taste and giving you heart attacks.)

2. My baby boy Freddie has turned into a chubby siamese during my time away from Montreal. Someone should see the horror on my face when I first saw him after I arrived at home. His belly is almost touching the ground. House Rule #1: no more snacks for Freddie until he gets more fit. BUT, the tuna fish stick that I gave him on my first night back didn’t count. I was desperately making him to love me again. He gave me angry/upset/why-did-you-leave-me-this-summer/I-don’t-care-about-you-anymore looks during the 48 days I got home.

3. Doses of honeyed words here and there. Me thinks, it’s not good when one thinks too much.

4. So far I’ve brought out Freddie for a walk twice. I know a cat with a leash does look funny slash weird… but he really needs to work out. And all sorts of people just come up to me to either pat the baby boy’s head/ give him a hug. So much love for this little thing. He loves hunting bees, by the way. And he got stung by one and still won’t give up preying for more.

5. “Omg! I’m actually smiling though. I’ll get to see you soon. :) :) :) “, probably the sweetest have-a-safe-flight message I’ve ever received.

6.  I’m patiently (*cough*) waiting for my pancakes to be made this Friday morning. And have to keep reminding myself that I should keep enough of the G-O-O-D apple juice ’til then.

7. It’s already 4:07 am. I should really go to sleep even though I have no intention/desire to do so. I feel like I’m living in two different time zones now. I would be awake during day time in Montreal, take a nap when it is 6 or 7 in the evening, then stay up until 5 am just to blog/read/write. So basically I’m awake during the day time in Montreal AND Hong Kong.

8. I don’t like this. I don’t like how this is messing around in my head and it just won’t go away. It creeps onto my mind whenever I’m not doing anything and there’s no way out except when I sit down, grab a book and read. But then I would get distracted and find something else to do. Then it just starts to lurk around in some corner of  my head again.

You know, when Effy and Freddie has the whole conversation on how nobody breaks her heart. The wounded and fearful look on her face, because she’s  scared of what’s lying ahead of her.

Then I remember what one of my good friends told me: just take your time.

I like where we are,
When we drive,
In your car
I like where we are…

probably one of the best covers I’ve ever heard of.



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