towards the end of summer, crème glacée and simple happiness

Having been in a game of patience/silence for the past seven days, I am now officially back onto my food therapy regime. So on day #N (because I just can’t remember which day it was), I woke up after 13 hours of sleep and had a sudden craving for ice cream. When it comes to cheering myself up, I’m pretty good at it. Anything that’s sweet will do, I’m not that hard to please. To me, ice cream is some sort of measure of protection in this world full of ups and downs. So in that afternoon, all that I craved for, was a little cup of homemade crème glacée (anyone noticed that I’ve been trying to practise my french? but all the words that I’ve learnt so far are all about food…..) from Ripples on St Laurent. My most updated obsession of Ripples is quite explainable. The homemade ice cream store is only opened from mid April to mid September (a tradition that’s been kept for more than 20 years), so I’m trying to go there as often as I can before the dog days of summer are over.

There are more than a dozen of flavors of ice cream at Ripples. The one that’s most known for is probably Kulfi, which is inspired by the same named Indian dessert. I’ve yet to try Kulfi though. I have the tendency to save most of my tummy’s room for anything that has raspberry in it, so every time I go to Ripples, I usually order a scoop of raspberry cheesecake along with another scoop of mint chocolate/hazelnut/passion fruit sorbet. What sets Ripples apart is all the flavors that I’ve never heard of before. Where can you find rose water/chai/halavah ice cream?

I’m satisfied to have a small cup of two different flavors of ice cream (surprisingly) and it only costs around 3.6 CAD, which is a good deal to enjoy a bathtub of happiness and awake my inner child-self. And did I mention that they serve milkshake and frozen yogurt at Ripples too?

These 100% homemade ice cream are lush and exotic. And I heard that the Chocolate 6X gives you mouth orgasm (the ice cream is just like what the name suggests). I took a bite out of my friend’s scoop, and it was like diving into a huge pool of sweet velvety, dark chocolate.

oh hi my raspberry cheesecake babies.

Making homemade ice cream is like making art.

So after the third time going Ripples, I started having pretty bad coughs (asthma and ice cream are never really a good mix for me), lost half my voice because I talked too loud during a mini cheesecake party that I threw at my place last weekend. Plus, I’m still trying to cure my sleeping schedule. On the bright side, I’m starting to get my British accent back. This sudden change to having a rusty voice with a British accent is actually quite amusing.

I’m not ashamed to tell you that, just a few nights ago, when my friend B was driving my roomie and I on St Laurent to get dinner together, I was staring out at the window and decided that we should all have ice cream as appetizers before our dinner. So we hopped off the car, and after a few minutes we all got out of Ripples with some huge scoops of ice cream.

R: “This is sooooooo good. I’m like a big baby smiling with a big cone of ice cream in his hand.”
B: “Actually this is a pretty good idea, you know, grabbing ice cream just before dinner.”
Don’t I always give you good foodie advice, B?

Grapefruit sorbet.

Mint chocolate is always, always my childhood favourite.


3880 St. Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Ripples on Urbanspoon



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4 Comments on “towards the end of summer, crème glacée and simple happiness”

  1. ALEX!!!
    September 4, 2012 at 11:14 pm #

    I LOVE MINT CHOCOLATE… does that make me a child?

    • September 5, 2012 at 9:03 am #

      oh hi there lol hahahaha maybe?

      btw is this the alex nguyen/hamster alex/alex soh here LOL

  2. Phil
    September 5, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    OMG … I want some NOOWW … mmm Grapefruit Sorbet
    dang it Ashley .. why you gotta post it up :P haha
    Awesome post :P luvvv :)

    • September 5, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

      haha come back soon then! I’ll host all of you guys at my place again :D

      and thanks for the support ;)

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