BluePrint Cleanse Log.

*This post was written last Friday*

I ordered my BluePrint Cleanse package online earlier this week and it finally arrived this morning! It was delivered by Fedex at around 11am. My package includes 1 day of Juice Cleanse (6 bottles of raw veggies and fruit juice), 2 mini ice bags and a cooler bag. The first thing that I did was to put the juice inside the fridge, since they have to be kept fresh. I also put the ice bags into the freezer in case I need to take a bottle of juice with me when I’m out.



1. Green Juice
2. P.A.M.
3. Green Juice
4. Spicy Lemonade
5. CAB
6. Cashew Milk

Here’s a short video that I took of my first trial of the cleanse! :) Please bear with my poor editing skill since this is the first video that I took of myself. And I sure look awkward in it……..

Starting my Cleanse at 4:pm…

3 pm
– got out of bed…. I’m ashamed to tell you all that I’m still having jetlag even though I’ve been back for more than a week already.
– munching on maltesars… then realized I just broke the very rule of cleanse – No food except the juice (celery stalks/a bit of avocado are acceptable)

4 pm
– Having a cup of arm water with lemon to prepare my body for the Cleanse
– 1st bottle: Green Juice
– Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste so strong of veggies! The apple and lemon definitely helps to tone down a bit. I can taste the celery too but it’s not so bad. Phewww

5:38 pm
– I want food. So. Bad.
– No solid food for the whole day is already bad enough… + runny nose just adds more fun to this
– listening to intro to personality lecture online at the same time

6:20 pm
– 2nd bottle: P.A.M.
Never thought pineapple, apple and mint can be this good together. It’s super refreshing and yummy.

6:55 pm
– still want food. like really, really bad. BUT I CAN DO THIS.

7:10 pm
– I feel like I’m about to pass out with all the jetlag + no solid food + runny nose I’m experiencing right now.
– In the kitchen making some raspberry white tea (you’re allowed to drink as much water and herbal tea as you want during the cleansing)
– Look at the fridge behind me. Imagining what a bite of biscuit with caramelized onion hummus would taste like. Oh god, DON’T FALL FOR THAT TRAP.

7:50 pm
– Just saw a friend’s status on facebook “Nothing beats Boustan, nothing.”. It reminds me of not having Boustan for a month and now I WANT IT.

7:52 pm
– I can see that Boustan chicken kebab wrap + roasted mini potatoes with garlic butter floating in front of me…………..

8:21 pm
– 3rd bottle: spicy lemonade. I switched it with the green juice cause I don’t want to have a repetitive bottle yet…
-still sneezing a lot but the spice in the lemonade makes me feel better.

8:50 pm
– sipping on my raspberry white tea

– 4th bottle: C.A.B. It’s mainly made with carrot, apples and beets…. *opens cap* I can smell the beets and carrots already. Arrrghh
– After 1 big gulp of it: it actually tastes okay, at least it doesn’t gross me out.

10:40 pm
– getting so sleepy again….

10:50 – 11:10 pm
– unintentionally taking a nap at my desk…

– washroom time*

– Should I have the green juice (labeled as no.3 but I switched it with another juice earlier on) / cashew milk?

11:27 pm
– Still don’t want to take another green juice just yet
– 5th bottle: Cashew Milk
– 1 sip* Hmmmm so many cashew bits (all finely grounded though).
– Can’t really taste the cinnamon and the vanilla makes it smell so good!

– Give me MORE CASHEW MILK PLEASE. I can drink this all day
– Google: “Cashew milk” and got this homemade cashew milk recipe!

12:20 am
– Skype with my childhood friend Becca, watching her eating a huge chinese-style bun……. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME D’:

12:30 am
– 6th bottle: Green Juice!
– I definitely made the right decision to save this for the last drink

2:00 am
– Flatmate Iris knocking on my door, “Ashley do you want to get your bueno and maltesars back?”
“Well I’m going on a ski trip tomorrow so I won’t be home!”

– Gives in and start to munch on maltesars
– So much for my 1 day detox program

Final Verdict:
All in all, the juice from Blueprint Cleanse are a lot better than I expected and it makes me feel good about my body the days after. It also helps me to get back to a healthier daily veggies/fruits routine. However, I’m not sure if I can handle the 3-day program since I thought about food literally every 30 minutes… or perhaps it’s because the first day is always the hardest. And I’m such a foodie anyway….  3 days without food will definitely be a torture for me. Until next time, BPC.



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