Patty & Bun

Before I came to London from Montreal, I bought a Lonely Planet London travel guide and now I’m immensely regretting getting it. Since I have so many friends in London, they’ve all become my personal guides so I don’t even need to read the guide. My summer exchange buddy Alex S. (remember the guy doing the voiceover of the Chinese crepe commentary?) said he was going to bring me to the best burger place in London and the first thing I thought was: “Oh no, not burgers… I’ve had way too many during exam seasons when I’m in Montreal” However, once we arrived at Patty and Bun, I knew we made the right choice to come here for dinner. Because it smells soooooo amazing that you can almost see the juicy smell of the burgers flowing out of the restaurant.

By the time we arrived at P&B at 7ish, the restaurant was all packed already and people were lining up to get in. It took us 50 minutes before we got our seats. BUT, it was definitely, definitely worth the wait (I’m willing to do anything for good food). There was a menu outside the restaurant so we ordered right after we were seated. And oh my, the service was good and fast. Our food came in around 5 minutes and we started wolfing them down without talking much. Alright, it was rather me who wasn’t talking much…. but it was because the food was way too good AND I was way too hungry. I prepared my tummy just for this.
Chips with rosemary salt
Nothing too special with the chips but I think this is better than any of the chips I’ve had in Montreal (Byebye Smart Burger).DSC_0779
Winger Winger Chicken Dinner – smoked confit wings with BBQ sauce and spring onions
Hands down the best BBQ sauce chicken wings I’ve had in a while! The meat is very tender and the smokiness of the BBQ sauce is just brilliant.DSC_0780

Lambshank Redemption burger – Lamb patty, coriander & chilli, braised red cabbage, cumin & aloli, feta, broiche
I chose the lamb burger because 1. I’ve never had it before 2. I wanted to try something different 3. I LOVE LAMB and P&B did not disappoint. Lambshank Redemption is everything that you look for in a burger: juicy patty, crispy lettuce and rich, soft Broiche (its origin is France). The lamb patty tastes pretty strong so you might want to have some gums after to avoid bad breath! The red cabbage is braised with vinegar so it’s a bit sour and it goes really well with the lamb and cheese.

Alex S. had the “Smokey Robinson” burger, which has beef patty, cheese, caramelised onions, bacon, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo etc. It’s just as good (I had a bite) and really juicy. He even said he is willing to get fat for P&B, words from the guy who goes to the gym a lot and cares so much about being fit. We were both very satisfied after the meal and we paid around £11 each (around 17 CAD). The service was quick and the waiters were all very nice and chill. The mood is very vibrant with the loud music playing in the background. If you love burger, this is a must-go in London. I recommend going there at around 6pm as the wait in line can be long. But trust me, you won’t regret waiting for this!

Patty and Bun
(close to Bond Street Station)
54 James St
London, UK W1U 1EU

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