An Encounter with Little Moons – an interview.

Little Moons, a gourmet mochi ice cream company from London, was hosting a booth at HOFEX in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago. I tried their Raspberry Little Moon and I fell in love with it! I had the honor to have a short interview with the Director of Little Moons, Howard Wong.
Little Moon samples at Hofex


How is Little Moons founded?
H: My family owns a bakery that specializes in Asian desserts and we have more than 20 years background of making mochi. I was at the States when I was 18, and I realized how appealing mochi was after trying some mochi ice cream. So after that, I was thinking of bringing mochi into the European markets. Traditional mochi is made with red bean filling but both mochi and red beans are alienated concepts to Europeans. So I thought it would be nice to blend mochi with something more fun. This is when I started looking for machinery and culinary ideas in different places. My sister, Vivien, joined me on this culinary adventure and we started up Little Moons in 2008. Our “little moons” are made with chewy mochi outer wrapped around creamy gelato.

Where are Little Moons made from? Are they vegetarian friendly and gluten free?
H: All our Little Moons are made from scratch in London. We don’t use any artificial flavor or skimmed milk powder. We make our Little Moons with fresh cream milk and Italian gelato, so the flavor is much more intense and powerful. All our Moons are tested in labs. They are officially vegetarian friendly, gluten and wheat free!

I read your catalog and I know there are so many flavors of Little Moon. They all look so yummy! What’s the very first flavor that Vivien and you crafted?
H: We started with Chocolate Moon. It’s made with Belgian chocolate and it has a rich chocolate ganache centre. People started tweeting about it and we got more orders… that’s when we started creating different flavors of Little Moons.

I personally like the Raspberry Little Moons the best since it’s hard to find mochi with such ice cream flavor in the Asian market. What is the most popular flavor in the Asian and British market?
H: For the Asian market, people love the green tea, mango and vanilla flavor. All of them are pretty typical Asian mochi flavors. For the British, they love the salted caramel, Italian hazelnut and mango.

Any exciting flavors coming up at Little Moons?
H: We recently made some cheesecake mochi! We are always trying to create new flavors for our customers. We also made some rice water mochi for the Middle East market since people love rice water there. We just had Nobu head pastisserie chef (a high end Japanese restaurant in London), Regis Cursan, over at Little Moons kitchen to create some new flavors last week!

Where did the name “Little Moons” come from?
H: Since there are many mochi companies in the market, we want to stand out as something more special and memorable with the name of our company. We decided to name it Little Moons because the shape of our mochi is like a mini version of the moon.

Where can we find Little Moons?
H: Our products are available at 60 branches of sushi restaurants in London. You can find them at Yo! Sushi, Chisou, Feng Sushi, Ping Pong and Tonkotsu etc.
We also export Little Moons across Europe. On a side note, the mochi at Snog (a frozen yogurt chain store in London) is made by Little Moons!

What’s the next big plan for Little Moons?
H: We’re planning to open a retail store in London later this year, so stay tuned for more news! You can check out our website for the meanwhile and don’t forget to follow us on Tweeter (@lovelittlemoons).
Many thanks to Howard from Little Moons and Valerie and Iris from Teapigs HK for providing us delicious berries tea during the interview!

All Photographs are from Little Moons UK, except the mochi samples one which is taken by yours truly!



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