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the delivery days are over

Since midterms season is over, I finally cut down on ordering deliveries from Boustan/Chef On Call/Poulet Bronze. I got some groceries and made this squid ink pasta for lunch today. All you need is a handful of mushroom, red onions, minced garlic, ham (I’ve forgotten to buy meat…..), black pepper and butter. I garnished it […]

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How to Make Cashew Milk from Blue Print Cleanse

sniff sniff * what’s this? Remember the Juice Cleanse that I did with BluePrint Cleanse program in January and the bottle of cashew milk that I fell in love with? I finally made my homemade cashew milk based on the recipe made by Brett Bara and it’s absolutely delicious! Since I have a Magic Bullet […]

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Beef & Corn Stone-pot Rice

It’s already my 4th day back in Hong Kong and my jetlag has never been this worse. I tend to wake up at 6 in the morning and I’ll crawl myself out of bed and begins a day with…. good food and books. Not that I’m complaining but my body is just so exhausted all […]

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strawberry forever

This is the other version of the birthday cake/pie/whatever-it-is that I made for Jurichan’s 21st birthday. I ended up having extra stuff so I used the rest and make it into another pie. The top part of the pie was supposed to be meringue but unfortunately I wasn’t skilled enough to make it….. The original […]

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“Do they put meat on pizza?”

Sometimes my roomie Alima just amazes me. Last week we were making lunch at home and she asked me: Ashley….do they put meat on pizza? By the way, this is the best homestyle pizza ever and it’s really easy to make. mozzarella, mushroom, red onions, oregano, anchovies… This Afkistan bread is the soul. a.

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Some classic chocolate chip cookies

Last Friday, I made 3 batches of cookies for my friend Julie’s 21st birthday since she told me she was craving for sweet stuff. It was my second time baking cookies and it finally turned out the way that I wanted! Honestly I never thought of myself as a baker. I never baked before I came […]

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Baked Mentaiko & Cheese Rice Cake (明太子芝士年糕) & Fried Miso Eggplant

If people ask me what I do on Friday nights, I think I’ll tell them I run around in my kitchen like a madman. So yesterday I was baking cookies in the afternoon, then I ran to Avenue du Parc for more groceries, made dinner and made a strawberry and cream for my friend’s 21st […]

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Ddukbokkie with Samia

Photo credit: Samia Liamani “I’ll run around Metro like a baby who lost their mom and find yewwwwww (unfortunately there’s no phone signals in the supermarket)” – Samia So our grocery for making a ddukbokkie began………. Here’s the recipe of this delish super spicy rice cake. I’ve revised the recipe from Maangchi for a bit. […]

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Guest post: Seafood & Pork Fried Rice from Mum’s Kitchen

When you’re studying abroad, there’s nothing more you miss than your mum’s cooking. My mum knows how to cook almost everything and I really ought to learn more from her! A big hug to my mum for letting me to feature her cooking on this blog :) the sliced pork and shrimps were made ready […]

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