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NYE Special: Restaurants Hopping

I know, I know. It’s been 2 weeks since we stepped into 2013 so please excuse me for posting the NYE special this late. My childhood friend Becca (Yes you got a new name now) and I were two loners on NYE who JUST COULD NOT decide where to go for countdown. Despite the fact […]

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Teakha 茶家 – the mini utopian spot in hong kong

The number of independent cafes in Hong Kong is a lot less than that in Montreal and most of them are located in Sheung Wan. Sheung Wan is actually quite far from my home but this doesn’t stop me from crossing over the harbour (we have tunnels in Hong Kong to cross over the island) […]

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solo kayaking day

I’m finally done with all my midterms! Can’t believe I survived and so it’s the perfect timing to start getting active here again. There are around 2 more months before I go home for Christmas so I thought it would be nice to put some photos up here to satisfy my nostalgia for Hong Kong. […]

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The Confessions of a Traveling Foodie: Between Hong Kong & Montreal

I’m in love. Yes, the kind of love that you always hear people falling head-over-heels to, but instead of falling for a person, I’m in love with two cities. And here’s the problem: I don’t know which one I love more, Hong Kong or Montreal. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Yours Truly has started […]

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summer snapshots in hong kong

just some snapshots that I took earlier this summer in Hong Kong! Follow me on Instagram: heresaheart :) a.

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a baby chipmunk’s survival guide

So right after I left Beijing, I became 2 wisdom teeth-less and have turned into a baby chipmunk for the past few days. This is my picture diary of how a baby chipmunk lives for the week. 1. baby food: a puddle of thick congee made with finely blended veggies 2. London fog habiccino at […]

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Brunch, BFF and infinity

Weekend Brunch with my BFF and counting our days left in Hong Kong together. I think summer will always be my favourite time during the year, even though it always comes and goes too fast. Summer: meeting new people, sunshine all the time (I have enough doses of snowfall and winter back in Montreal), traveling, […]

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just wandering around

One of the things that I love about wandering around is that you never know what you can find as you walk along the road. Wandering around doesn’t involve any destination and because of walking in such an aimless way, you keep getting constant surprises, discovering new and interesting places that you have never been […]

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a foodie field trip

“A human being is primarily a bag for putting food into.” – George Owell. Indeed, Terence, Rebecca and I decided to turn ourselves into some huge bags by  going on the ultimate foodie field trip on the Yuen’s siblings last day in Hong Kong. This was our schedule: late lunch at 2pm, all you can […]

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iced mocha x mymy caffè

This iced mocha is the best remedy after a long walk under the sun in Central/Sheung Wan. Mymy Caffè is a mini expresso shop which can fit only 2 customers at a time. I find the tiny space really cozy and homey as the owners Connie and Josephine spend time chatting with their customers while […]

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